Business Development Edition

9th Atolye15
Intern Bootcamp

9th Atolye15 Intern Bootcamp is now over! This time, it was all about Business Development. We were on the lookout for brilliant young minds wanting to swing open the doors to global opportunities, step into the world of international business operations, and work alongside an adventurous team on a European path.

The game-changers we were looking for, joined us at our HQ in İzmir on December 9th for a transformative experience.
7th Atolye15 Intern Bootcamp @Withco

What Is
Intern Bootcamp?

But this year's Bootcamp set itself apart. While we've annually scouted for tech talent, this time our spotlight shined on the movers and shakers in Business Development. Because we’re not just about code and design – we are about shaping the visionaries of tomorrow. As we expand across Europe and accelerate this growth through our Berlin office, we were on the hunt for the sharpest young minds who were ready to take us further.

Must-Have Skills:

  • Fluent English
  • Sales Know-How
  • Marketing Insight
  • CRM Experience
  • Digital Marketing Knowledge
  • Networking Capabilities

What Happened at
Previous Intern Bootcamps?

Before the 9th Intern Bootcamp, Atolye15 hosted eight Intern Bootcamps which have all been launchpads for hundreds of young talents like you. Every year, we await these events with great anticipation, excited to see new faces and fresh ideas, and we can't wait to welcome you!

Two years ago, Atolye15's Intern Bootcamp kickstarted my career in Business Development. Now, I'm part of the team, contributing to our global strategy every day. This experience was more than a stepping stone, it was a real chance to grow and become part of something bigger.

Recep Yılancıoğlu
Business Developer @Atolye15

I met Atolye15 five years ago at one of the Intern Bootcamps they organize annually. And it's been a crazy ride since then! They saw my potential and encouraged me to develop it by believing in me from day one, trusting me to take on challenging and big-scale tasks. And today, I'm proud to say that I now manage one of our biggest global projects yet!

Ecem Pehlivan
Project Manager @Atolye15

All Your
Answered Here

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  • Who can join the event?

    If you're driven by a passion for Business Development, have sharp communication skills, and thrive in international environments, this event is for you! Students, professionals, and aspiring Business Developers alike are all welcome. Join us to showcase your talents and ambition, no matter your current role or background.

  • Should I join individually or as part of a team?

    This event is designed for individual participants to shine. You'll be evaluated and recognized on your own merits.

  • Where will the Intern Bootcamp take place, and can I still join if I don’t live in Izmir?

    Intern Bootcamp: BizDev Edition will take place at Atolye15's headquarters in Izmir on Saturday, December 9. You’re welcome to attend from any city. Just make sure you live somewhere close to Izmir since the role we’re offering at the end of the Bootcamp is on-site at our office. If you’re considering joining our team, please ensure you can commit to working with us in person.

  • How long does the Bootcamp last?

    Intern Bootcamp: BizDev Edition will span the whole day, filled with diverse and engaging activities. You'll have breaks, networking opportunities, and presentations. Once you're chosen, we'll email you a detailed schedule so you'll know exactly how the day will unfold.

  • Do I have to bring my laptop?

    Yes, please bring your laptop. You’ll need it to work on tasks, but we've got you covered with a super-fast internet connection! And remember to bring your charger – you won't want to run out of battery during the event!

  • Will you take care of my personal needs during the event?

    Absolutely! You'll be working from the comfort of Atolye15's headquarters, which is equipped with cozy workspaces. We'll cater to your needs with an all-day offering of breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, pizza, tea, and coffee. To ensure you stay focused and energized, we'll have an awesome playlist for the perfect background ambiance. All you need to do is focus on showcasing your talents.

  • Will there be mentors available during the Bootcamp?

    Definitely! Our seasoned Business Development team and various team leads will be at your disposal for advice and insights. Whether you need clarification, face a hurdle, or simply want to deepen your understanding of Atolye15, our mentors will be there to guide you through any challenges.

  • What happens after successfully completing the Intern Bootcamp?

    Securing the top spot at Intern Bootcamp: BizDev Edition will be your gateway to an exciting career with us at Atolye15. You'll join our supportive and enthusiastic team, kick-start your journey in Business Development, and gain hands-on experience with international projects. It's not just about winning; it's about starting a journey that elevates your professional growth and opens up a world of opportunities.

  • How will you evaluate my performance?

    The evaluation will primarily focus on the skills you demonstrate and the project you work on during the event. Your industry knowledge, passion, adaptability to Atolye15's culture, and ability to work with us on-site are crucial factors too.